It's Clean, Naturally.

100% Organic  ●  Non-Toxic  ●  100% VOC-Free  ●  Non-Corrosive  ●  Eco-Friendly

Luminous is a Superior True Green cleaning and revitalizing product in a market saturated with harmful alternatives that pollute our environment, contaminate our natural resources, and compromise the health of those we love.

Activated by the science of Nanotechnology combined with Earth's own noble minerals, LUMINOUS was developed to offer the highest yield in cleaning, protection and shine; while remaining entirely safe to our health & preserving Earth's natural resources.



For Automotive, Home or Aviation, we have the solution.

Luminous is an environmentally friendly cleaning product that can be applied on hard surfaces such as stainless steel, vinyl, rubber, glass, painted surfaces, metal, plastic, and tires among others. The Nano particles act in the removal of impurities including those found in scratches.

  You will clean more and use less while protecting your surfaces, health and environment all at once.

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LUMINOUS Auto is an effective cleaning solution designed to clean, protect and revitalize the surface of your car, truck or SUV without the use of water.

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LUMINOUS Home is a multi surface cleaner that can be used all around your household with no harmful ingredients. Ultimately, creating a safer living environment, for you, your family and your pets.



LUMINOUS Aviation is a "quick method" cleaning solution. It is designed to clean, protect, and revitalize the surface of an aircraft without using any water.


"At the heart of Luminous is our desire to develop impactful, organic solutions for positive change in the ways we care for our community and our environment."